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28 September: Referencing and micro-teaching prep.

29 September 2010

Here is the podcast of a slightly earlier version of the presentation:

The links I posted for assistance with referencing were to:

And for a basic guide look in the Handbook (p 91 ff.) or similar material slightly up-dated at
When talking about different editions in different countries, I mentioned the case of  Crawford (2010); the US edition of his book is called Shopclass as Soulcraft. In any event both Peter H and I can heartily recommend it.
In the second half we talked about the microteaching exercise; the briefing sheet can be found here. (.pdf format; Acrobat Reader required.)
I asked you “What aspects of your teaching would you find it most useful to have feedback on?” as a first step to devising an observation record sheet for the exercise. I will devise a draft observation form based on your ideas and we can try it out next week.
So far the micro-teaching schedule is looking like this: (the numbers refer to the first or second half of the session.)
5 October (2) Paul Cross
12 October (1) Jackie Palmer (2) Paul Griffiths
19 October (1) Jackie Saunders (2) Natalie Cooper
2 November (1) Emily Burke (2) Rashid Rehman
9 November (1) Cathy Tang (2) Alex Robinson
16 November (1) Dionne Jackson (2) Caroline Duffy
23 November (1) Merielle James
I promised that I’d post a link to one form of session plan, for those of you going early before you’ve had a chance to go over such a plan with Peter H. Here is a very basic example of the body of one. The heading content would be (very broadly) similar to that for a scheme of work.
I left you with the Professional Practice Learning Contract, which introduces the more personalised learning aspect of the course: we shall look at that in the first half of next week. Do remember to let Peter know about your mentor, and start thinking about setting up your first observation.

Crawford M (2010) The Case for Working with Your Hands: or Why Office Work is Bad for Us and Fixing Things Feels Good. London; Viking.
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