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16 November; Play, and some points for next week

19 November 2010

Many thanks to Amanda for a very interesting and well-worked out session on the significance of play for young children. It was designed to work on two levels (the experience of play, and thinking about its meaning) and it did. That is something of a risky strategy, of course, because the two levels can sometimes interfere with each other in less than helpful ways (remember science experiments at school when you got absorbed in doing the experiment and getting it to “work”, but realised afterwards that you had no idea of what it was actually supposed to test?), but this was properly thought-through.

In preparation for next week’s Unit 1 session… Please have a look at; (I’m afraid the interactive page doesn’t work with the latest browsers nowadays). And this;

I may post some presentation material and even an exercise brief for that session beforehand, so please visit again on Monday to see if there is anything new here. Thanks.


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