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Reading on behavioural theories

5 February 2011

Sorry not to have included this in the post-session post.

The paper schedule recommends for the next session (allowing for the week’s slippage we have experienced):

“Overviews of learning theories, and behavioural approaches

  • Reece and Walker ch.2 s.4 and/or Curzon Pt 2 (much more comprehensive) Armitage ch. 3 (appropriate bits in each case)
  • Child D Psychology and the Teacher (various editions 1973-2007) probably ch. 6
  • Gross or other psych. Textbook chapter on “Learning”

The relevant pages from my site are:

All of them have further links to explore; don’t be afraid to venture down some by-ways, so that you have different stuff to share in the groups.

Have a good weekend.

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